Maldives 2016

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I Do

18Jul15 – Today I was supposed to say my vows… but I didn’t. Seven months ago my ex-fiance decided to call off the wedding, after being in a relationship for more than 8 years and engaged for around 2 and a half years. We were doing just fine until the wedding planning takes place.

Long distance relationship is hard but I thought we can pull it off. We’ve been in this setup for a year before he proposed. It was a mutual decision to work in different countries for personal fulfillment and to save up for the wedding, and ultimately, our future together.

When we started planning for the wedding, personal differences arose. Choosing the wedding date is complicated since we have to consider the most convenient time for both of us and our family members (some of which are also OFWs) to fly back. When we finally settled the date, we reserved our slot in the church and we started paying up for reservations of other suppliers. When I thought everything is still under budget, for him it seems over the top, lavish and grand. We always end up arguing if we still need to push through our church wedding and he insisted on having a civil vows instead.

I got tired of all those arguments. I started to drift away and communicate less because I know that everytime we start to talk, we end up fighting. I was also busy with my ongoing project at work that and I was working until late night. I no longer wait for him (due to time difference) to reach home and skype him. I would directly go to sleep without calling him because I feel that I do not deserve to be mentally and physically exhausted. We still exchange daily routinary “good morning” and “good night” messages but we were not “really talking” to each other. This went on for weeks and none of us wants to reach out this time. Then one day, he told me he is no longer happy.

The moment he said he is no longer happy I knew he wanted a break-up. We argued about time and effort and communication most of the time but I felt that this one is different; this one is BIG. I tried to save our relationship and promised him that I’ll exert more effort; but his answer is always a firm NO. We agreed that we will rethink about our relationship then finalize and decide when we meet (which is in two weeks time).

We reached Manila in 2 weeks and decided to meet in a mall. I saw him first but I didn’t approached him. I was looking at him from a distance and I was thinking if I am ready to let him go. I didn’t missed him that much at that moment… all I feel is hatred. He finally saw me so I approached him. We had a talk and decided to end things completely. That day should be our prenup photoshoot, we end up officially breaking up instead.

I remember we agreed to stay friends and continue to communicate even after our break-up but we didn’t. He didn’t reached out to me and neither did I. My pride is keeping me to reach out first but believe me there were a lot of times that I was tempted to hit the send button. Nonetheless, this much space made me heal faster.

Today, I’ve prepared my own version of “I Do”. This is waaaaaaay too different than I envisioned (years ago) to be delivering this day but some things are not always as what we planned…

Here it goes:


I do… hate you for making me feel I was not good enough for you. You said you couldn’t marry the person I’ve become. That I was different from the girl you met 8 years back. I hope you know that when you cancelled on me, my world fell apart and my future became unclear. We already planned our lives after the wedding and I was ready to leave everything behind. I already told my company that I will no longer work for them (good thing they took me back). I was preparing my life with you but you still chose to throw all those 8 years behind. I hate you for proposing marriage to me when you are unsure if you really want to be with me 100%. I hate you for letting me take care of the cancellation of all the reservations and made me explain to everyone what happened. I hate you for not giving any courtesy gesture to my parents (an apology or a phone call perhaps); they accepted you to our family and you were that quick to bail out. I hate you for putting me in this embarassing situation where I feel so helpless and pitiful (and you know how much I dislike being pitied by anybody). I never hated anyone as much as I hated you.


I do… forgive you for cancelling on me. Our breakup was the most heartbreaking experience for me and it crushed me down to the core. I never thought I could feel such pain and I am capable of expreriencing and over coming such. But even after all that, I still forgive you. I have no bitterness or whatsoever because before all of those… you made me happy, you made me feel loved. You taught me how to love unconditionally, be caring, be thoughful and be trustful. You taught me that sometimes, I can let my guard down, be vulnerable and be a damsel in distress because there is someone who got my back. You were once my prince who made me feel that I was a lovely and precious princess that deserved to be pampered. We eat out, watch movies, stay home and play game consoles, go on vacation trips, get drunk and more. You encouraged me and filled me with confidence. You do not agree to some of my “adventurous” dreams but you still support me somehow. I can say that for those 8 years that we were together, most of it are happy times. You will always be my first love. I never loved anyone the way I loved you.


I do… forgive myself and stopped blaming myself for this failed relationship. I always thought it was my fault because I can’t make you stay. That I did not showed you (or made you feel) how much I really really loved you. You always mentioned that I never prioritized you over other things. I was full of what if’s. I was thinking of things that I should have done to save our relationship. But now, I’m done with that… I’m done blaming myself. If you really wanted to be with me, you should have stayed with me no matter what. Even if I throw the largest mood swings, you will understand and still wants to be with me. I now see it as a blessing that we decided to part ways instead of pursuing the marriage, as it may eventually lead to separation (which is a bigger story). If it is meant to be, it will be; if it is not, it never will be. I’ve never shed much tears for anybody else but you, but I’m done crying now.


I do… look forward in finding someone who will love me as I am… after I’m finished finding myself.

“You must love yourself before you love another. By accepting yourself and fully being what you are, your simple presence can make others happy.” -Jane Roberts

I’m now in self-awareness phase. In line with my upcoming 30th year, I’m trying to complete myself before I accept someone new to my life. I realized that I expected so much from my previous relationship but I can only give so little. They say, to be able to give as much, one must be able to love one’s self as much. I’m a work in progress, preparing myself for better things to come. 😊


Fairytales Aren’t Real

“We accept the love we think we deserve” – The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I was small; consciously belittled myself and settled for less. Contented being the second best and begged for time. Yes. I was that small. Back then, I never thought that it’s legal to steal a kiss while walking; or how a simple text message can make your day. I had no idea that it’s normal to walk while holding each others’ hands. Back then, I was worst than a closet queen. Most of my days, I hide and steal time. Time that was supposed to be for a child waiting for a father or a wife waiting for a partner. Yes. I was a constant mistress of either a guy who isn’t contented or a boy who, for the longest years, been with someone and wanted to try things differently for a short span of time. 

I never met a man. 

But I was wrong and it’s my fault. I was looking into a completely wrong perspective while having an incorrect definition of love inside my pocket. I never met a man because I wasn’t paying attention to the most valuable things around. I wasn’t a damsel in distress by fate, but unknowingly by choice. I only realized that when someone knocked me down so hard – so hard that At first, I never knew that it’s love. 

Fairytales aren’t real, but heroes do exist. Heroes that will save you from wrath of slavery or teach you to be strong, give you freedom and gift of will. Heroes that will never leave you and will also make you a hero of your own. Someone that will make every simple day worth living, will let you feel that you are flying. The one person that will make your burden lighter or turn your tears to laughter.  This individual that will give you an idea of being invisible or infinite – never limit you of your capabilities. 

I met my hero four years ago. In the midst of my stupid days when I am nothing but a mess. During those times that I was at lost, he patiently put everything into the right place. When I thought that I am getting enough love that I deserve, he offered tenfold. He was as simple as a tone of a beating heart and as light as a breeze on your fine mornings. He is a man with a soul of a child and a youthful spirit with sweetest smile and strongest hands. He came during those times that I almost stopped believing – he made me dream and believe again; believe that someone is capable of loving a girl whose heart was a shipwreck and soul was a cold ice. 

And yes. Four years after that rainy dawn when he asked me if I am smart enough to be his girlfriend, we are still together. Glad that I was really smart enough to say yes that day and brave enough to try once again. It’s true that we accept the love we think we deserve, but there will be this person who will always be more than willing to give more. 🅰❤️

Correction! I’m an anteater!

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If anteaters eat only red ants… do they turn red as well?
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Vacuum Shaver

…because shaving sucks! Hahahahaha! 😛

Let’s get ready to RAMBLE!!!


We’ve always wanted to start a blog of our own but we were too busy living our lives. One day I (Angela) was so hyped up and has really really really decided to start one, so I told it to Belle. Belle, being the usual envious little sister said that she will also start her own. Then I told her why not we share a blog; be the authors and administrators and have something to fight about again (evil grin). And so, we agreed to share the responsibility of the putting up a new blog! (YEY!)

First step, as the responsible older sister, I created a new email address for us to share. Next, we brain-stormed for the blog title/name (which took us days to think about). Then we signed up in for a new blog site, do some customization and VOILA! We now have Mumblin’ Babblin’ Ramblin’ as our new sisterly project.

But why the title? Aside from the fact that its cool to hear because the three words rhyme with each other, their meanings are pretty much the same. Let’s dissect each root word:

  • Mumblin’ – root word: MUMBLE /ˈmʌmb(ə)l/ verb – say something indistinctly and quietly, making it difficult for others to hear.
  • Babblin’ – root word: BABBLE /ˈbab(ə)l/ verb – talk rapidly and continuously in a foolish, excited, or incomprehensible way.
  • Ramblin’ – root word: RAMBLE /ˈramb(ə)l/ – talk or write at length in a confused or inconsequential way.

Basically, this blog will be about… ANYTHING! Anything that we want to share or discuss or elaborate. No pressure for both of us, a win-win situation.

Since ANYTHING is such a broad word, we decided to stream-line and categorize our post and should fall to any of the categories below:

  • Girly Geek – Tech and gadgets reviews
  • Flab to Fab – Fitness and nutrition
  • Finding Forever – Love and Relationships
  • Chew and Chomps – Foodies
  • Tinkering Thingys –  DIY and self-help
  • Drawn to Drawings – Arts and drawings
  • Waypoint of a Wanderlust – Travel and places
  • Random Ramblings – Topic does not fall on any of the above (aka – the others)

We chose the topics which are close to us and interests us such that we can write sensible and quality articles within our musing.

Since we are new to the cyber world, we would appreciate if you can give us some feedback to help us improve our works and articles. We will also leave the comment boxes open so readers can interact with each other. Lastly, share if you like our posts. On the other hand, kindly refrain from using abusive words and curses as we do not tolerate cyber bullying here. And also, people are here to read, please do not spam, sell and advertise using the comments box.

With all those things said… Let’s get ready to RAMBLE!!!

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