Fairytales Aren’t Real

“We accept the love we think we deserve” – The Perks of Being a Wallflower

I was small; consciously belittled myself and settled for less. Contented being the second best and begged for time. Yes. I was that small. Back then, I never thought that it’s legal to steal a kiss while walking; or how a simple text message can make your day. I had no idea that it’s normal to walk while holding each others’ hands. Back then, I was worst than a closet queen. Most of my days, I hide and steal time. Time that was supposed to be for a child waiting for a father or a wife waiting for a partner. Yes. I was a constant mistress of either a guy who isn’t contented or a boy who, for the longest years, been with someone and wanted to try things differently for a short span of time. 

I never met a man. 

But I was wrong and it’s my fault. I was looking into a completely wrong perspective while having an incorrect definition of love inside my pocket. I never met a man because I wasn’t paying attention to the most valuable things around. I wasn’t a damsel in distress by fate, but unknowingly by choice. I only realized that when someone knocked me down so hard – so hard that At first, I never knew that it’s love. 

Fairytales aren’t real, but heroes do exist. Heroes that will save you from wrath of slavery or teach you to be strong, give you freedom and gift of will. Heroes that will never leave you and will also make you a hero of your own. Someone that will make every simple day worth living, will let you feel that you are flying. The one person that will make your burden lighter or turn your tears to laughter.  This individual that will give you an idea of being invisible or infinite – never limit you of your capabilities. 

I met my hero four years ago. In the midst of my stupid days when I am nothing but a mess. During those times that I was at lost, he patiently put everything into the right place. When I thought that I am getting enough love that I deserve, he offered tenfold. He was as simple as a tone of a beating heart and as light as a breeze on your fine mornings. He is a man with a soul of a child and a youthful spirit with sweetest smile and strongest hands. He came during those times that I almost stopped believing – he made me dream and believe again; believe that someone is capable of loving a girl whose heart was a shipwreck and soul was a cold ice. 

And yes. Four years after that rainy dawn when he asked me if I am smart enough to be his girlfriend, we are still together. Glad that I was really smart enough to say yes that day and brave enough to try once again. It’s true that we accept the love we think we deserve, but there will be this person who will always be more than willing to give more. 🅰❤️


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