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Let’s get ready to RAMBLE!!!


We’ve always wanted to start a blog of our own but we were too busy living our lives. One day I (Angela) was so hyped up and has really really really decided to start one, so I told it to Belle. Belle, being the usual envious little sister said that she will also start her own. Then I told her why not we share a blog; be the authors and administrators and have something to fight about again (evil grin). And so, we agreed to share the responsibility of the putting up a new blog! (YEY!)

First step, as the responsible older sister, I created a new email address for us to share. Next, we brain-stormed for the blog title/name (which took us days to think about). Then we signed up in for a new blog site, do some customization and VOILA! We now have Mumblin’ Babblin’ Ramblin’ as our new sisterly project.

But why the title? Aside from the fact that its cool to hear because the three words rhyme with each other, their meanings are pretty much the same. Let’s dissect each root word:

  • Mumblin’ – root word: MUMBLE /ˈmʌmb(ə)l/ verb – say something indistinctly and quietly, making it difficult for others to hear.
  • Babblin’ – root word: BABBLE /ˈbab(ə)l/ verb – talk rapidly and continuously in a foolish, excited, or incomprehensible way.
  • Ramblin’ – root word: RAMBLE /ˈramb(ə)l/ – talk or write at length in a confused or inconsequential way.

Basically, this blog will be about… ANYTHING! Anything that we want to share or discuss or elaborate. No pressure for both of us, a win-win situation.

Since ANYTHING is such a broad word, we decided to stream-line and categorize our post and should fall to any of the categories below:

  • Girly Geek – Tech and gadgets reviews
  • Flab to Fab – Fitness and nutrition
  • Finding Forever – Love and Relationships
  • Chew and Chomps – Foodies
  • Tinkering Thingys –  DIY and self-help
  • Drawn to Drawings – Arts and drawings
  • Waypoint of a Wanderlust – Travel and places
  • Random Ramblings – Topic does not fall on any of the above (aka – the others)

We chose the topics which are close to us and interests us such that we can write sensible and quality articles within our musing.

Since we are new to the cyber world, we would appreciate if you can give us some feedback to help us improve our works and articles. We will also leave the comment boxes open so readers can interact with each other. Lastly, share if you like our posts. On the other hand, kindly refrain from using abusive words and curses as we do not tolerate cyber bullying here. And also, people are here to read, please do not spam, sell and advertise using the comments box.

With all those things said… Let’s get ready to RAMBLE!!!

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