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Gel and Belle

Gel and Belle

Mumblin’ Babblin’ Ramblin’ is a blog of two sisters – Angela and Avebelle. Their intention to share their thoughts, to inspire other people, and to entertain.


The siblings are born and raised in the Philippines. When they were younger, its was a dog-cat relationship for them: fighting over toys, clothes and food thinking that the other is getting something better. Not to mention the name-callings, bickering and fault-pointing until somebody (always the younger) cries.


As they grow-up, they discovered that there’s no other person who can better understand them except their sister. They learned to work out their differences. They also learned how to listen to each other and even became confidant of one another. Now, they can truly say, they have each other’s back.


Their common passion for writing and sharing ‘stuffs’ online led them to start this blog. They are hoping that you enjoy reading our pages as much as they enjoy writing them.


The Sisters

2015-04-26 21.06.06


Angela ‘Gel’ is the older of the two and is an IT Professional in banking industry. She is fond of fixing broken stuffs, tinkering objects around and doing DIYs. She enjoys badminton, biking, wake boarding and is adventurous in trying new things. She also likes experimental cooking (if there’s such a term), photography and drawing.

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Avebelle ‘Belle’ is the younger of the two. A registered nurse but opted to work on a BPO industry because of two reasons: she is fun loving and talkative. Late night drinking sesh with friends, reading books, and watching movies excite her. Owns four dogs and nine hamsters and is still thinking of getting more. She is a fan of burger and fries and hates eating rice.

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