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DIY Project: Grid Organizer

  I’ve always wanted to own one of those oganizers with elastic bands. I can already imagine my loose things neatly organized instead of searching through the bottom of my bag. However, the Cocoon Grid-It organizer costs around $S20 and in my opinion, that the price is not worh it.  I know this is a workable project so I started googling for DIY ideas. I stumbled upon this post and decided to create my own Grid Organizer. Materials: Thick board – I used the stand of old table calendar    Elastic bands – I used around 2m of 1in band and 3m of 3/4in band Fabric Edge Binding Ribbon Needles and thread Scissors and cutter Instructions: 1. Take the thick board an make holes around it. For my board, I followed the spacing of the holes from calendar spring. This holes will be used later for the bordering.     2. Layout your elastic bands in the board in a weaving manner. You may want to allot some 2 or 3 spaced bands depending on what you are planning to put on your organizer grid. I’ll be using it for my powerbank and cables so I have some long bands as well as short bands. You can secure the ends with pins first so that you can have an initial preview of your grid layout. Also, for those bands running along the holes that you made, make sure the bands will not cover the holes. This is to ensure that you can still put item from the edge of the grid.   3. Sew together the ends of the bands. Make sure that the connected end is placed under another weaved piece. Also, take note of the elasticity of the band. It should be the right fit, not too slack and not too tight.    4. Sew the borders using the edge binding ribbon. The elastics running along the holes should sit just on top of the border.    5. Enjoy the finished product and put your things in it.   This is a double-sided  grid so you can use both side!  Enjoy!


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